How To Enjoy Royal Blue Tea

To enjoy Royal Blue Tea at its finest, please follow the instructions listed below.

Royal Blue Tea is bottled in an SGS-HACCP certified factory using only hand-picked tea leaves grown in carefully selected tea gardens. Our teas are cold brewed, then sterilized using an unheated filtration process. Manufacturing is carried out by hand in an industrial clean room. To enjoy these hand-crafted teas in peak condition, please follow the instructions below.

Common Specifications

Non-alcoholic tea beverage
Ingredients: Tea
Keep chilled, store upright.
Made in Japan
Place of origin (bottled tea):

Quality Control

  • Please contact us if there is any irregularity concerning the best before date on the label.
  • Because we do not use any additives or preservatives, Royal Blue Tea must be stored in a refrigerator and consumed as soon as possible after opening the seal.
  • Please store the bottles upright and keep them refrigerated.
  • Because we use glass containers (bottle, stopper), there may be a risk of breakage caused by the contents of the bottle expanding due to differences in temperature. For this reason, please do not heat or freeze the tea inside the bottle.
  • Royal Blue Tea can be safely kept at room temperature for short periods, for example while being carried by hand from point A to point B. However, please store the teas in a refrigerator upon reaching your destination.
  • To fully enjoy the scent, colour, taste, and aftertaste of Royal Blue Tea, please drink from a wine glass. Our teas can be consumed cold from the refrigerator or at room temperature.

Complaints Related To Items

  1. Complaints Related to Items: Please send a photograph of the item together with the lot number printed on the reverse label.
  2. Damaged Goods: The following section applies only to damage occurring in-transit. Upon receiving damaged goods, please contact the shipping company as soon as possible. The damaged item will be collected by the shipping company and a replacement will be sent at a later date.