King of Green RIICHI Premium (wooden box included)

King of Green RIICHI Premium (wooden box included)

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A rich and satisfying flavour
Passed down through the generations
The pinnacle of Uji Tencha

Four hundred years of history

The Uji area of Kyoto is said to be the birthplace of Japanese tea, with a history stretching back to the late 12th century, when the Buddhist monk Eisai brought back a handful of seeds and knowledge of tea cultivation from China and passed these on to Myoe, the abbot of Kozanji Temple. Mr. Riichi Yoshida, the master craftsman behind Royal Blue Tea`s RIICHI, is 16th in a line of tea farmers, and using entirely natural materials and traditional farming techniques, he has utilized the accumulated knowledge of his ancestors in the creation of this special tea. The tea leaves used to make RIICHI are grown naturally without any pruning, and are shaded with reeds prior to being harvested. The compost and soil are also produced using traditional techniques.

An invigorating flavour

Upon pouring yourself a glassful of RIICHI, the first thing you will notice is its beautiful, clear golden colour, like that of a well-aged white wine. After savouring the tea’s elegant bouquet, the next thing you will notice, upon taking a sip, is a bewitching combination of aromatic sweetness and invigorating umami, the product of eight hundred years of tea-making tradition. This lively tea is recommended as an apéritif.

※Glass not included

Infusion Time: 3 days

  • Type: Japanese green tea (Uji Tencha) 京都宇治碾茶
  • Cultivar: Samidori さみどり
  • Tea leaf origin: Riichi Yoshida Tea Estate (Uji, Kyoto) 𠮷田利一の茶園(京都府宇治市)
  • Cultivation method: Natural cultivation 自然仕立て
  • Harvesting method: Hand-picked
  • Tea leaf producer: Mr. Yoshida Riichi, JA Kyoto Yamashiro 
  • 1 bottle/750ml, tea beverage, store upright, keep refrigerated
  • Best before date: 1 Month from date of dispatch